Hi, I am Andy Bodemer

I live in Texas.

I'm a versatile photographer. My commercial work is focused on headshots, graduation photos, and product photography. If you're interested in booking a shoot or collaborating on a creative project, reach out!

It's Me

Realism and Authenticity*

I make sure that my portrait subjects look their best. I remove blemishes, redness, and other imperfections, while keeping skin texture. And tend to avoid trendy editing styles. But when I'm doing art, well, anything goes.

*I'm not sure what realism really is or what it means to be truly authentic. But I know these elements are important. And something that is real or authentic usually becomes more meaningful or valuable as years pass.

How it began

I started photography when I bought a DSLR on an impulse and started walking through my neighborhood in Seattle.

I had no idea what I was doing.

But I loved it.

And I kept going.

One of my early photos, Kerry Park, Seattle

I fell in love with film

As I started to learn about photography and photo editing, I started to notice more. Then one day a photo jumped out at me online. There was something about the colors (and tones). I learned that it was 35mm film. I was hooked.

Analog film photography has been a major influence on my editing style.

(Really, it was a emulation of Fuji Superia on a Fuji digital camera, but close enough.)

Sunset in Fairhaven, WA

Dave Moves the Earth

Always Changing

I'm always looking for ways to appreciate life and improve my craft. I'm especially interested in how I can bring value and new perspectives.

The best thing an artist or a craftsperson can do is bring value to people. For a photographer, that means taking meaningful pictures, recording memories, capturing a person's image that is an honest reflection of who they are, and maybe even showing a person a facet of their personality that they haven't realized.

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